Denying Chemo & Placing Full Faith in CBD

Posted: October 2nd 2018
Denying Chemo & Placing Full Faith in CBD

 “Cannabis has helped many others with cancer. I’m willing to put faith in it too. I can’t imagine any judge would convict a girl for using cannabis to save her life. It’s a risk I’m ready to take.”

-Kerri Parker


According to Nicole Darrah, a reporter from Fox News, Kerri Parker, 34-year-old former Playboy model has been diagnosed with a brain cancer. She completely refused chemotherapy treatment and has decided to use CBD oil as her source of treatment. She refuses to lose her hair, have her face burned from chemo and wants to continue her daily exercise routine. Therefore it is no shock she is saying “heck no!” to chemotherapy and “heck yes!!!” to CBD oil.


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