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ReLyfe Brand is a health-focused gel capsule CBD company manufactured and based out of Colorado, USA. ReLyfe Brand was founded to provide high quality, simple to intake, effective and non-habit forming healthy alternative to traditional medication on the market today. The ReLyfe Brand’s THC FREE CBD gel capsules are changing the way many consumers are viewing the Hemp derived CBD, as these gel capsules provide a safe, easy, discrete alternative to traditional way that CBD is entered into your system.
Its Time to “Rejuvenate your Lyfe” with ReLyfe Brand’s cutting edge CBD gel capsules!!!

My name is Kathy and I started taking the ReLyfe CBD gel capsules in October 2018. I was having radiation treatment 5 days a week after being diagnosed with Uterine cancer. My body was aching, I had no energy and was always tired. Since have I have been taking 1 ReLyfe CBD gel capsule per day, everything is getting back to normal. My energy levels are great, my focus is better and my pain is gone.
Just feeling like myself again is a true blessing! I encourage anyone give ReLyfe a try. I know that I’ll continue to take them! It has been a life changer!

Kathy S. • Cancer Survivor • Colorado, USA


With seemingly endless benefits to CBD, there are also many pros to taking it in capsule form. Our capsules themselves are of just as high-quality as what’s inside

Our soft gels are seamless, and as opposed to many 2 piece capsules, there are no leaks or breakage, guaranteed


We pride ourselves on accuracy and quality, always ensuring that each soft gel contains 25mg of CBD per capsule. Our process is all executed in-house, never risking a shift in the caliber of our products


We also pride ourselves on simplicity, always staying consistent with 100% THC FREE CBD oil


Food manufacturing certificates & permits available upon request

It’s as easy as taking a vitamin. With CBD in many forms, including tinctures that require dosage and instructions, you always know how much you are getting by taking just one easy-to-swallow RELYFE soft gel. We have No THC and High CBD and we can prove it! CLICK HERE to see ReLyfe Brand’s OFFICIAL Certificate of Analysis.

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You can get the benefits of CBD, the full spectrum Hemp extract, with as little effort as it takes to swallow a vitamin. That’s right, we wouldn’t lie to you. CBD (Cannabidiol), the completely non-psychoactive hemp compound, is available in many forms but none as easy as our RELYFE soft gel capsules.

RELYFE Brand’s soft gels are manufactured from a single source, vertically integrated CBD company to ensure our capsules are a ‘traceable,’ quality hemp product, from seed to shelf. RELYFE Brand’s capsules contain organically grown and extracted CBD oil, right from our home state of Colorado.

For those of you who are just learning about CBD, the innovative health game-changer, here are a few benefits that have been noted by current consumers:
  • CBD supports our body’s Endocannabinoid System, which is responsible for various
  • actions in the immune system, the nervous system, and many major organs
  • Helps fight the body of toxins, with its bounty of very powerful antioxidants
  • Boosts mood and energy, helps with memory and cognitive functions
  • Helps with stress and anxiety, thus also, a restful night’s sleep
  • Works as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory…so your body is happy as well and so much more

"Rejuvenate your Lyfe” with ReLyfe Brand’s cutting edge CBD gel capsules!!!